Why you need to go virtual

why go virtual

Written By Kirsty Deveney

Founder of VirtualOps | Virtual Assistant | Operations Specialist | Awesome Woman

April 14, 2020

I think ‘Why go virtual?’ is one of the biggest questions within the Business Operations space.

Honestly, many start-up’s and SME’s simply don’t need a full-time employee. Either there isn’t the workload or they do not have the capital needed to pay for it.

However, following traditional hiring practices leaves 2 options. Hire a member of staff that costs a large chunk of change, or go without. Both these options put an unnecessary strain on a business.

With this knowledge, I founded VirtualOps. I believe all owners, directors and busy people should have access to a highly experienced Virtual Assistant, who can support them to focus on the bigger picture within their business.

VirtualOps gives you experience without the overheads normally involved in a full-time hire, as well as the flexibility to choose exactly the level of support your business needs.

Below are just some of the other reasons to chose virtual:


1. It drives business growth & scalability

No entrepreneur can do it all themselves. A Virtual Assistant gives you an extra pair of hands, while you focus on the core business goals.

2. It saves you money

You only pay for the hours you need, and all of these are productive! Plus, you get highly experienced support at an affordable rate.

3. You get a reduced workload

As a business owner, your important tasks can often get overshadowed by the day to day tasks. I can change that, freeing you to focus on what you need too!

4. More productivity in half the time

Having a VirtualOps Assistant means double the work gets done – think of me as your Virtual Sidekick.

5. Expertise and peace of mind

You get a highly skilled individual who takes pride in the work they do, giving you the peace of mind that things you will get done!

6. Flexibility

I give you the flexibility to have the support your business needs when your business needs it.


In conclusion – VirtualOps Assistants are a secret weapon for any start-up or SME owner. Want to find out more? Let’s grab a ‘virtual’ coffee and have a chat!

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