What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Support

Written By Kirsty Deveney

Founder of VirtualOps | Virtual Assistant | Operations Specialist | Awesome Woman

April 26, 2020

Often people have never heard of a Virtual Assistant and honestly, I’m not surprised. Virtual Support specialists are normally the silent sidekicks for businesses, not seen by the naked eye.

But yes, we are real and we rock. Put simply, Virtual Assistants are experts who support businesses and people from remote locations.

In the early days, a Virtual Assistant could simply be translated as a personal assistant who worked remotely. They did exactly what a PA would, just from home, usually supporting many businesses, not just one.

Nowadays this has changed! The Virtual Support role has grown and developed substantially and although we still do the above, you’ll find VA’s offer more than the traditional PA. We offer a world of expertise from Administration and Organisation right through to specialisms such as HR, Events and social media management. The support we offer can be vast and it’s growing daily. See my specialisms here.

Another great thing about Virtual Support is its affordability. You get to pay for the hours you need, nothing more – meaning no paying for additional overheads or time spent in the staff room chatting!

The biggest benefits for your business?

Virtual Assistants can do a lot to boost yours and your business’s productivity. Think of it this way, by taking on recurring tasks, administrative work and big projects, we free up time for business owners to focus on the core business needs and do what they love best. This enables company growth, profitability and most importantly success!

Want virtual support for your business?

Let’s connect and we can discuss this further! I offer a no-obligation discovery call, during this time we can discuss your business requirements and find out if I am the Virtual Assistant you never knew you needed!

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