About me – The person behind VirtualOps

Written By Kirsty Deveney

Founder of VirtualOps | Virtual Assistant | Operations Specialist | Awesome Woman

May 22, 2020


I believe that knowing your VA is important – it helps you get a flavour for them and understand them better and ultimately build a better connection between the to of you. So, with that said let’s delve into me, my background and some random facts! 


The Business Bit 


What’s my background – 

I have over 10 years within Business operations covering PA roles, Office Management, People Operations and Operations specialisms.  

I’ve worked for different companies, but have always been passionate about Start-Ups, Growing Businesses and SME’s. I love providing that backbone of support founders need to push forward and reach success.


What I love most about my role – 

Simply put, making a change. My role is all about changing businesses and founders workloads for the better!  


What made me start VirtualOps – 

I’d always had a feeling I could do more, however, redundancy was the push that made me do it. You have to turn a negative into a positive.

Throughout my career, I saw many start-ups or small businesses that couldn’t always justify an Operations Manager or Personal Assistant, either because of cost or workload. I wanted to make that accessible to all businesses, with added flexibility. Every company should have access to a wealth of experience and that extra set of hands needed to grow a business! 



Now, the Fun Bit 


A little about my family   

I have been happily married since 2011, we live in London which I love and I am a proud Cat mum. Her name is Yara, she is a Cornish Rex and absolutely adore her! 


Describe myself in three words – 

 ‘Organised, caring and on-it’,  ‘Massive Haribo Addict’ OR ‘Crazy Cat Mum’ 

 You pick. 


What I like to do when I’m not at work – 

I love planning, normally travelling. I love to travel and see the world. It enables me to learn from different cultures, see experience customs and try new things.  

I also love learning, so spend a lot of my time on CPD, courses and reading! Any book recommendations? Send them my way! 


My favourite place in the world – 

I’ve only seen 13% of the world, so there is still A LOT to see. Currently, it would have to be South Africa or Iceland. I loved the rawness of them, and honestly felt a connection to both. There is nothing quite like that for me.  

 After that would be Greece – the history, food and people are amazing. 


The scariest thing I’ve ever done for fun – 

I am terrified of drowning and generally being underwater. So naturally, I’ve tried Scuba diving and shark cage diving!  

Cage diving was terrifying but somewhat amazing, I was in South Africa – the Durban coast and there were around 30 sharks, no Great Whites though!

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