How to Use Teams for VirtualOps

Microsoft Teams

Written By Kirsty Deveney

Founder of VirtualOps | Virtual Assistant | Operations Specialist | Awesome Woman

April 27, 2020

Whether you are a G-Suite, Office 365 or other systems users, you can take advantage of using Microsoft Teams for us to manage your service and maintain contact, share documents and track tasks. Teams can be accessed on the web or via the desktop app on Windows, Mac, Android or IOS.

You will receive an email from me inviting you into your dedicated VirtualOps Team – This will be named “VO-[your company]” so you can easily distinguish it if you are already a teams user.

To access the team, just follow the link in the email and accept the user permissions!

Note: If you are a Teams user then you can switch between your VirtualOps site and your domain sites in the top right, the notifications symbol will pop up if you have activity in another team:

Your Teams Interface

On the left we have our main menu:

Next to the main menu is the selection area.

For Chat this will show open chats and contacts.

For Teams – this will show your VirtualOps Team:

Within each channel at the top of the main window we have the Channels Tabs.

Posts – This is where our threads of discussions on various topics will be held, just use the start a new conversation or click reply to write a message

Files – This is where the relevant files for this channel will be shared between us.

Planner – This is our shared task list where you can see my task progress, add new tasks or respond on certain tasks discussions.

Sharing your Logos and Graphics

One of the first things you will need to do is upload your logo and graphics for me to use. The process below is the same for uploading any documents or files we need to share.

1. Select your VirtualOps team “VO-[your company]”

2. Go to the “General” Channel.

3. Select “Files” in the channels tabs.

4. Select the relevant folder to upload into. For Logos and Graphics select the  “Logos” folder

5. Drag your files into the box or select the Upload button to select from your PC.

Adding a Task to Planner

1. Select your VirtualOps team “VO-[your company]”

2. Go to the “General” Channel.

3. Select “Planner” in the channels tabs.

4. Type the task under “Task List”

5. Set a due date, assign to Kirsty, click add.

6. Once added, Click the task to add more details such as description, checklist or start a conversation on the task

I will update and add tasks sent via email, move task to in progress and/or completed as I work on them.

To help we will add your first tasks together in our Kick-off call, prior to that, there are some reminders of tasks you need to complete to on-boarding.

Further Teams Resources

Adding Tasks to Planner in teams microsoft support:  

Microsoft Full Teams demo video



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