How to Delegate Email Access to Office 365 Mailbox (Outlook)


Written By Kirsty Deveney

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April 22, 2020

When providing access to your email for inbox management It’s best practice for you to keep the control and protect the data. For this reason, I always recommend that you create a user for me within your office environment and then grant the required permissions. This allows you to stay in control, be able to keep an element of privacy and ensure I don’t accidentally get access to other things.

If you use Gmail – then you’ll need to follow the instructions HERE.

Note: Creating me as a user may incur additional costs to your Microsoft bill dependant on your package and licensing.

If you experience any issues then please refer to the Microsoft support page HERE

Adding me as a User in your Microsoft 365.

1. Sign in to Office 365 Admin Center:

2. Select Users Active Users.

3. Select ‘Add A User’   

4. Complete the form, be sure to have the password sent to my VirtualOps email:

5. Add an Exchange Online License as a minimum


6. Select Next>Next>Finish

Delegating Mailbox Access

The process of sharing a mailbox is known as delegating access permissions in Exchange. Whether you’re working in Office 365 or a hybrid Exchange environment, use these steps to delegate Office 365 mailbox permissions:

1. Sign in to Office 365 Admin Center:

2. Select Users Active Users.

3. Select the user that requires delegate access.

4. Expand “Mail Settings.”

mail settings office 365

5. Find “Mailbox Permissions” and select Edit.

mailbox permissions office 365

6. Add or modify users as required. Once complete, select Save.

Read and manage – This provides the ability to see your emails as well as archive and delete.

Send as – This allows me to send emails as if they are from you directly. The recipient will see your name and email address.

Send on behalf – This allows me to send emails on your behalf. The recipient will see that the email ‘was sent on behalf of’ you by me.

edit Office 365 mailbox access permissions

That’s it, we are all set.

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