How to Set-up LastPass & Share Passwords Securely


Written By Kirsty Deveney

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April 22, 2020

It is best practice to use a Password Manager to allow us to securely share passwords, any required card details, or other confidential information. In order to protect your business, my operating norm is to utilise LastPass, a leading market password manager from Logmein Inc.

The below guides will give you the basic steps you need to share the required information with me for your virtual service. When you share a password, I get access without being able to see it.

If you would like more detailed information, then please refer to the LastPass website and user manuals at:

Website:                    User Manuals:     

How to Sign-up to LastPass

1. Go to the LastPass account creation page:

2. Complete the account form and click Sign-Up










3. Once Complete, click to Install the Extension for your browser.

4. Log in to the Extension with the details you provided.

How to add your passwords to LastPass

Once you log in, LastPass will automatically guide you through adding your first password.

There are two main ways to add a password:

1. Auto-Detect on site:

When you go to a webpage and login LastPass will Auto-Detect your login and the extension will prompt you to add the credentials to your LastPass vault.

Click ‘Add’ to add the credentials.

2. Manually in the LastPass Extension:

Open your LastPass Extension by clicking on the browser icon in the top right of your browser.

Select ‘Add Item’> ’Password’

Complete the form with the required details and Click ‘Save’

URL: The web address of the site to add

Name: A friendly name to identify.

Folder: Organise by adding a folder

Username: This is the username used to log into the site you are adding.

Site Password: The password linked to the site you are adding.

Notes: Any information you want to add.

How to share your passwords from LastPass

When you share passwords via LastPass I get access but do not get to see the actual Password.

1. Open your LastPass Vault by clicking on the browser extension icon in the top right.

2. Select ‘Open My Vault’

3. You will now see your LastPass Interface with your Vault open.

4. Hoover over the Password you want to share access too and Select the Share Icon:






5. In the pop-up add my email: and click ‘Share’ (once shared, this is where you can delete shares too)

Other useful LastPass guides

YouTube Full Tutorial Video:

Life Hacker Guide:<\p>

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